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april things

in april there is a new clothes catolge lookand here is the secret items that is how you get the cheesy tie here is the viking helmet that is the viking helemet and if you click it and exit out four times you get blue here is the green snorkel  there is a new puzzel and rock hopper is coming back because now you can go into the migrater look ot ya i forgot this is what the cheesey tie looks like every one go to my site daily also they updated the aqua grabber you can now get pearls the white are worth 25 coins and a black pearl is worth 50 and you can bring along the pink puffel and there is a big treasure chest that can get nock off if you hit a fish. its at the bottom of the sea floor there in the better igloo there are to secret igloos  this is how you get the fish bowl and if you want to get more mony on pizzatron 3000 try this  it will mke candy pizza that are eiser to make and 10 dollars a pizza


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