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Skamper36 is Here!

Hello! This is Skamper36 here, Diesel made me an Editor on this website. I think I am suppose to help with CSS, because that is what I originally asked for, but I may do some other stuff 🙂

Here is a ANI of my penguin:

My site is http://www.skamper36.com and I hope I can help Diesel alot!

Note to Diesel: If you want help with CSS, give me some detailed directions, or minor if you want and I can do my best!

Look at the post below for todays cheats.



2 Responses

  1. nice

  2. skamper can you make a header that has your penguin on left ninja boy on right and my penguin in middle saying clubpenguin cheats with diesel28 ninja boy1 and skamper36 also backround dojo

    the second on can you have it flames as backround and are three penguins smae order

    ps if you need a pic of my penguin its the pic were the pin is

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