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Cp updates

This post is by ninja boy1 cuz black’s post was too short.
Hey guys today the updates are here, about penguin mail, player card, etc…

Lets start now :

Beginning :
Once you long into Club Penguin, it says “logging in (your name)”

Then when they ask you for the servers, they will only give you 5 servers which you mostly go in, they gave me : Mammoth, Frozen, Iceland, Chinook, Big surf. And if you want more servers you can click “more servers” in the corner.

Then once your in the town or wherever you land. You will have a message and a post card on the top, (post card only when someone asks you to be his buddy) & message is your penguins inbox, where you can recieve messages and send meesages.

Messges can be from your buddy or from Club Penguin, and theres a free item in your inbox.

You also get a card once you buy a puffle.

And the best thing i like in the updates is… once your buddy logs on you get a message.

And even your spy phone appears above the map.

Now even your Igloo has a background like your player card :mrgreen:

When you open your map, and click Member igloos it comes like this :

And now for the player card update :

And the worse thing that the duck comes aobe the lei.Well thats all for now.

blackd boys part ok thanks ninja boy1 but you missed on thing if you go to the dojo dance then open news paper you dance with news paper


2 Responses

  1. Thanks my computterr would not let me take any mmore pics

  2. No prob thats why i m here:D

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