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New furniture + New pin + New band

Hey guys!!
Today the new furniture catalogue, new pin, and band at stage begginings were there. The new furniture is kinda cool and the new pin is like an old rare pin.

The new pin is at the pool.

The new band beggining is here.

And now for the catalogue secrets :

Click on the piano to get the guitar stand.

Click on the coffee shop plant to get the vegetable garden.

Click on the seaweed to get the clam.

Click on the Palm tree to get the flower plant.

Now theres three new music.

And thats all for now
Waddle on ;p

ninja boy1

3 Responses

  1. hy thanks ninja boy1 do you think i could do fridays for now on unless i ask you to and do you mind if your not posting links in every post you can post one link in one of three post and i am going to main next thursday can you take over i will be back on monday

  2. NO PROB SIR! 😉
    i will take over until u want me to

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