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aqua grabber updates party

here is the map

also here is the instructions incase your new

this is what billybob has to say about it

Hello Penguins!

It’s finally here!  If you haven’t already played it, the new Aqua Grabber level has launched.  Go to the Iceberg to try it out, collect more treasure, and let us know how you do!

aqua_teaser1.jpgIn other news: A lot of you commented on “Team Blue 2” coming to the stage.  I’m glad you’re so excited!  It starts Friday so start practicing your cheers.  Also, the Migrator’s getting closer – Rockhopper should arrive on the island soon!

in other news i just reached three thousand hits and i want to throw a party so i will here is info                    day: next sunday

time: 8:30 est

server: outback

place: cove

prize there will be five penguins who will win a prize it will be the penguins who stay the longest

here are the prizes

1. be on my blogrole forever

2.  be in my next vid ( i will contact you when i am making it )

3. be a contributer on this site for 2 weeks

thats all hope to see you at my party 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Yo this is I Rok Dude from http://www.irokdude.wordpress.com/ you asked to be on my blogroll so if you wanna then i need to be on your blogroll

  2. wait when is it? it sounds cool but i may b going to snowdobbys party, ive already made plans for that the ninth. i like the idea and i plan to have a party when i get 2,000. add me to ur blogroll when i do!

  3. add me back to your blog roll i have over 1,000 hits

  4. You dont know how to make videos lol.

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