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Hey guys! 
theres a new newspaper and it has some cool stuff like… the team blue!

also there will be a scavenger hunt tommorow

Here are the upcoming events :

August 8 : Rockhopper Expected.
August 15 : New igloos, New pin, Sports Catalogue
August 22-26 : Penguin Games

Thats all 😉


2 Responses

  1. hey this is meant for blackd boy47. ok u can b the featured penguin. ull need to give me some info though.

    first what do u like to do?

    second is ur job in cp?

    third is where ppl can find ur penguin?

    and lastly put ur penguin in an out fit that u like, try to make it connect with the article, (like how griffender was wearing the guitar cause he liked music.)

    if u want u can leave me ur email to so that i can tell u when i’ve posted it. again this is only for blackd boy47!

  2. have music fiesetas and be a super hero
    a rockstar
    outback unless finding rockhopper or penguin band or a buddie or doing a music vid but usaily i will do it on outback pancho blue cape new pirate bootsbrown fredirica hat red shades red guitar color orange blue prits backround newist pin

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