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pirate catrolge and new play

The new Costume Trunk Catalog has also come out:

Here are the items inside:

Referee Jersey (old)

Silver Whistle (new)

Moose Mascot Costume (old)

Track Jacket (old)

Blue Cheerleading Sweater (new)

Red Cheerleading Sweater (new)

Red Track Jacket (new)

Director’s Hat (old)

Gym Background- members and non-members (new)

Rockhopper has also returned. Here are the items he has brought:

If you click on the Steering Wheel, you can buy the Life Ring:

The scavenger hunt for the missing pieces of the blueprint for the Ship Igloo has started. Here is where to find them:

The first piece is in the crate filled with water at the mine.

The second piece is at the bottom right of the Cove.

The third piece in the water bowl at the Coffee Shop.

The fourth piece is by the rocks at the beach.

The fifth piece will float by the windows at the Underground Pool.

The sixth piece is in the green water dish at the Pet Shop.

The seventh piece is at the dock.

The eighth piece is at the bottom right side of the Iceberg.

When you have collected all 8 pieces, you will have to put them together. Here is how the final blueprint should look:

When you put them all together, this message will appear:

Click ‘Claim Prize’ to get the Blueprint Background: pics by Costumeking’s Club Penuin Blog


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  1. hey diesel, its penga. i saw u at the party yesturday wasnt it fun? anyways i know that i dont have 2,000 hits yet but will u put me on ur blogroll? ive already put u on mine and made u administraiter! plz!

  2. yes ok when you have 500 hits

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    do u hv msn or aim?
    tell me if u do with comment at my site http://stelioskas.wordpress.com

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