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new pin and catolges

my computer is letting me take pics again yaaay ok here are the two new houses well they brought back the gym here are the new things in sports catolge the only two cheats below also here is the new pin its a wicked cool doge ball sorry its a little glitchy i saved it as a jpg (bad quality) also if you click on the blue pom pom on the cheer leader of winter sports you get orange football helmet and you can click the surf board two pink then the clam then the starfish and you can get the silver surf board the new pin is at the stage two new igloos gym (old) ship (new)


4 Responses

  1. Im not sure if it would work out if we did music videos together, since you have never made on. Make on then i’ll see if your good enough.

  2. ok i just need a editing sistem i have one saved on my computer its had a bad day with me goldey and fez jake nardone is fez

  3. it is my first and i used it with a real video camrore its before i new about screen recorder

  4. Where is the video?

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