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New Cheat

This post is by Skamper36

There is a new cheat out on Club Penguin! Its fairly easy, and even easier with my guide w/ pictures on how to do it! Follow the steps carefully!

How To Log onto Full Servers:

1. Log onto your penguin.
2. Find a server that is labeled “Full” and click on it.

3. You will get a message that says, “Sorry, this serer is full. Please select another one?” Then, press enter.
4. Then, you should get another message that says, “You must supply your Penguin Name to enter Club Penguin.”

5. Keep pressing the “Tab” button on your keyboard. It should be above “Cap Locks”.

6. Keep pressing it until it gets to the yellow box right above the “Okay” button. Press the space bar.

7. Ignore the image until you load into Club Penguin. Then you can hit “Okay”. You should be in the full server!



6 Responses

  1. sweeeet thats soooo cool i will b using that soo much!

  2. oh and blackd boy u neeeed to give me ur info for u to b the featured penguin! in the meantime im gonna choose someone else.

  3. hi i did its in a few posts down

  4. penga i posted it in your most resent post

  5. i tried to do this cheat again but today it didnt work? wats up did they fix the glitch already?

  6. Very first, I’d prefer to give thanks to you for this enlightening post. Secondly, I’d prefer to question wherever I can discover a lot more info concerning your post. I arrived right here via Bing and can’t discover any other related web websites on this subject. Exactly how do I subscibe for your weblog? I’d prefer to adhere to your updates as they arrive along! I had a query to question but I forgot what it absolutely was… anyways, thanks to you!

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