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clubpenguin games cheats

gueses what penguin games are here here are the three games and once u have completed them click this

u get a gold medal like this

here is the blue face paint at the pizza parlor

and the red is at the cofee shop

i will post any other updates


10 Responses

  1. Hey, Enter my contest Please,

  2. wat happened to all my pages like cheats and glitches and y should i pit people like you into my posts

    i didnt delete you

    did u delete my pages

  3. ok and no blue lol

  4. hi its penga i needed to copy a picture of you Blackdboy from ur site so I could use it for the featured penguin. tell me if u want me to take it off.

  5. Hi i really like your site!
    Plz add http://clubpennguincheats.wordpress.com/
    to your blogroll then comment on my site and ill add you to my ultimate links!


  6. kool site dude 🙂

    diesel28: can we meet and thanks

  7. hey, thanks for coming to my igloo;)

  8. wow thats a lot of comments for me

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