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new pin & furniture catolge & cool glitch

hello pengs well to day there are two updates the first is the new pin at the boiler room

  click the catolge to view it

and the next is the new furniture catalog 

 if u click on the bottom part of the lava lap u get a blender 

  if u click on the upraight piano u can get the giutar stand                                                 also school will be starting for me in one week my new vid i my post on this post so stay tuned i will be posting it later today it will be ready later i have football practice at 5:15 est                                                                               



also here is a cool glitch have music in igloo without a music player first go to igloo pic a song with music maker then save igloo  edit it again take music away then your having music playing without a music maker if you want to put this on your site give full credit to me if u got it from my site


8 Responses

  1. Nice Site! 😉
    U are awesome! 😛

    Comment Back 😀


  2. Wheres your video?

  3. its all done i need to by the song i really have not had a chanse

  4. thee song is wanted dead or alive

  5. Buy the song from Amazon.com. Thats where i buy my songs.

  6. ok i bought it also your in it the song plays a big space of music and i put your player card next to mine a recorded it when the space came i was going to finnish it this after noon i went to my grand others for laber day there computer if a log into my wordpress it closes the internet and the vid files are on my computer at my house and i did not want to start all over here because it wil take a whole lot of time and i could just finnish it tonight when i get home so stay tunded for it also i got the files already for my next wich your in and the song is low rider by war

  7. The song low rider is cool. Its the george lopez song, but that song is waaaaaaayyyy to easy.

    Wanted Dead or Alive is by Job Bon Jovi right?

  8. ya thats the on i am uploading now i have down a little bit of low rider ya i know its easy but i like it alot

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