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party with simmer27 and year book sneak peak

it was so much fun yesterday at fozen dock me and simmer27 were partyingfor a while long here are the pics ohhh ya he added me as his buddie  look heres proof

here are the groups we were in

 this is the biggest one 

also here is the year book sneak peak


7 Responses

  1. hey diesel its me abdullahhhh. i found that you wanted to be an admin i actually am thinking of that cause only 2 posters are posting and if ur gonna post like even 2wice in a month ( at least ) it would be good… my hotmail is:

    abdullahtalip@hotmail.com and my gmail is: abdullahhhh.5788@gmail.com contact me from those or just comment your email to a post… so i can add you

    ~ http://abdullahhhh.wordpress.com

  2. Hey Blackd Awsome YOUR so lucky i saw adreasmich yesterday hes a helper on clubpenguinbc.com

  3. Hey ❗

    You are invited to my party!

    When?: 24th October, 8am PST

    Where?: Icicle, Dock

    Why?: Its Halloween!

    The invo is on my site


  4. there your on my blogroll !

  5. hey diesel im kataklysm1 , you have commented on my site to add you to my blogroll and i have added you , add my to your blogroll to ( awsome site)

  6. cool post! the picrtures u took r awsum 🙂

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