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my new dog and clubpenguin in portualge

hia gues what i am getting a newdogy well the bread is a olde english bulldogge ohhh ya the spelling is correct thats how u spell the breed we have a boy already named diesel here is him sleaping n aret able i think i mensiond him before 

and  here is one of the girl dogs were geting we dont no wich one but it is a girl  tell me what u think 

look  cp is in  a new language  look

and look at me and my player card

here are some of the words

note ojc i  gave u credit sorry


6 Responses

  1. hey diesel28 its me abdullahhhh. i saw on the comments that you asked to be on my blogroll. i Actually think what if u add me to your blogroll i will also add you.

    ~ http://abdullahhhh.wordpress.com

  2. Hey Blackd Boy47, add me as admin on, https://diesel28.wordpress.com because i added you as admin on, http://callumb7.wordpress.com

    Waddle on,

    – Callumb 7 😀

  3. no problem

    lol, i never seen bulldog puppies, they look so cool!

  4. thanks one of the pupies is going to be my new girl puppie

  5. no u cant call ill call you later i have a freind over

  6. […] note ojc i  gave u credit sorry Comments (5) […]

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