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dojo and map updates

Hello penguins it blackd boy47.

With so updates about the dojo.

Most of you know the dojo as a quit place now  were there are rumers were you can become a ninja right well…….. WRONG!!!!!!!!

Latly (this month and last month) there  have been ninjas really people and  tons of sines of ninjas here is one before the haloween party

     Ninja righting see.

In the halloween party at the dojo the was a ninja a real one look for you self. 

Now look what happen to the dojo. 

You might ask how does this have to do with ninjas look at this sign  A ninja in the the red triangle.

Also now you can get this hard hat for about i think the forth or third time.

The dojo is under the snow now and one way to the top threw the roof this is the project in witch us penguins dig out the dojo.

Also the only penguin diging is this old penguin he does not have a name and does not give you anything he just digs but he has a player card look. 

Last clubpenguin updated there map.  (click to enlarge)


3 Responses

  1. Hey man. I saw your comment at penguincheatscp.com . Snow dobby is very busy and the blogroll is full. If you could give me toy code, i would put you on my blogroll at http://www.andreasmich.com . In my first month, i get more than 1000 hits a day and every visitor in Snow Dobby site visit my site as well! Comment on my latest post.

  2. […] dojo and map updates Filed under: Uncategorized — ~blackd boy47~ @ 5:36 pm Edit This […]

  3. You penugins take it the hard way. To advance in belts and get a black belt and get a ninja mask, you simply need three programs (Rebellion made by me)

    Penguin Rebellion II
    WPE Pro
    Cheat Engine 5.3

    Use Cheat Engine to freeze the variable “COM_MOD3″
    Use WPE Pro to delay and rederict the System Server Applet
    Then User Penguin Rebellion II to hack Black Belt or ninja mask
    You must derict the System Server Applet back to your IP before unfreezing “COM_MOD3″, or you will get banned

    For n00bs who dont want to hack, I will be releasing bots for a few minutes sometime between 1:00 and 7:00 PST on December 22nd on the Server Yukon at the Dock.

    Sanity Penguin, Out

    (yes Im back, dont check my website I dont update it anymore – I use another website if you are a good hacker you can find it – )

    I am attemting to hack the sensei, If I can create the items in a subsitute database (Items not on CP Database) I will release the items with IDs after the belts and ninja mask. Use Penguin Rebellion II to bypass the patched item ban, then recieve the color silver, the beard, and the hat. If I create and move the sensei items before December 22nd w/out mods noticing, I will release the subsitute database to Yukon

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