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new clubpenguin clothing catolge secrt items and the new pin

hello penguins i have not got much time but here are the catolge secrets

jklkn6 click on the snowflake for the pink pom pom hat

fiuygj4 click here for a russion hat

hjkllcx1 click here for the black super hero mask

last click the red penuins face wering the black parka in the snowball war page 4 the red viking helmet click and exit out 4 times to get the blue viking helmet the new pin is at the snowforts jkhkxm8

the new penguins at work is this yuioudg7

click here to view the clothing catolog   


6 Responses

  1. well im taking your stuff off of it and making my css back to normal it his fault for deleting it
    my sheet is gone so i nneded my sheet back it seems that ill have to get some one else to do it if your gonna complain

  2. do it your self me and skamper did mine skamper tolled me how to all of it exept he did the flames if u. Don’t know how to use Css then don’t get it

  3. your so awsome i love you blackd boy47

  4. watz up.
    I am having a contest on my site enter and it will be awsome tnx enter enter

  5. gaararug if you want to call me somtime then maybe i could show you how to do your css how you want it.

  6. its not that its the style sheet its gone im not blaiming your for it just saying

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