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Fairy tales play and new pins location and igloo secrets

hello  this is where the pin is at the beach jlluksf6

also here is the new fairy tales catolge jhklsd2th sorry somthing happend in the editing process

here is a cool charector in the play along with bad whool 


here are the secret items in the catolge





8 Responses

  1. Hey!

    How would you (Blackdboy) (Just you) like to be in my production group w/ Zach? We can talk about it later if you want to.

  2. skamper that sounds great could i call you and we could talk about it

  3. Sure call me whenever but i usually am not home till around 4 45. But the only stupid thing is our phones would have to go three way to get us. And also i go on runescape to my user name is Halo6733 i usually go on world 101 or 75.

  4. cool i go on runescape too my user is 8dogs2
    igo on 101 too alot well ill call you now

  5. Hey, how do you get those flames in the bar? Comment back!

  6. orngyee its hard to explain if u add me as a addmin i could do it for you and then after i did it you could delete me as a admin after im done

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