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Skamper36 is back Wooooooowhooooooo

Hello penguins i am here to tell you that skamper is back i started this blog almost a year ago in febuary and i just missed talking to skamper skampers site inspired me to blog i went to my friends house wants and skampers cousin was there he showed me his site and skampers site when i saw how great skampers site was right away when i got home i went to wordpress the site skampers cousin showed me and started this blog but skamper was taking a break then he came back in spring and we became friends then we stayed in touch threw the spring and at the end of spring skamper got css and his css was awsome so i wanted to get it when i got my css i did only a few things on it skamper did the back round the flames showed me how to make headers and showed me how to use it later in the summer me and skamper made our first music video if you tipe in skamper36 on youtube you can see it we made it in the morning most of the time for the first one the second one we did alot at night it was a huge thunder storm and it was awsome you could see it light up the in tire sky and then school started ihad just started my youtube channel and it was around first week of school skamper started to post late and stuff and then stopped posting now look at his site its as good as new go to http://skamper36.com or click hereĀ **Skamper36**


8 Responses

  1. how did your css get on my site?

  2. i did it for you could you call me

  3. I cant call and thanks for doing that btw did you beat harrison at singing?

  4. almost he one by one point

  5. omg your site is the best i will advertise here i will add you to my penguin your sites better then mine i am dumb to think that i was better srry can you add to blogrole i willl add to you your penguin is better then mine omg i just want to hump you your so better then me

    Blackd boy47s comment wow dood no offense your weird you want to hump me what the beep wierdo sico r u even chewy i have some doubts

  6. i wont do it again

  7. Cool I like you CSS it rocks!

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