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Had a bad day vid my new puppy and winter sports catolge

hello sorry this ost is very late its because i went up far away to get my new olde english bulldogge puppy named apple here is her picture shes the one by the light with the lighting bolt of white done here fore head


i like this hocky guy and this really cool editing system well not that cool it only has color changing lighting,fire,bubbles,and fog 122792766596786

here is the secret item 122792766596786-1

and here (drum roll0 last but not least is my new music video Had A Bad Day by Daniel Powter

10 Responses

  1. Hey There! Thanks for stopping by my site. I like this site. I’ll add you to my blogroll. By the way, nice puppies. 🙂

    ~Sora7643 ➡

  2. Nice vid but the timing isnt that good. What system do you use?

    And please, STAY OFF LUNAPIC!

  3. Can you take off your background please, and when you get this message, i would like you to go on runescape, world 75, and my name is Halo6733. Please respond first so i know when to go on.

  4. ok we can go on my backround on my penguin

  5. and fine ill stay of luna pic i use screen muvie recorder

  6. Im on whats your name?

  7. If u want u can call me so we can do a vid or something.

  8. Hey Diesel DONT MODERATE THIS!!! ok
    umm do you mind if i delete u as auhtor from site ??? tell me ? on my site ok

  9. Hello,
    Nice site!can i be on your blogroll?Please add me.
    I have added you to mine.I have 9,000 hits!
    Reply at my site.
    Gulchi 😉

  10. T’sup nice puppies but u dont tell us were to get the hidden item(pommel horse)so could u plz put it?

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