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sorry im late again with the post

i now i have not beenp osting latly first of all ive been playing with my new rockband 2 for christmas ive been outside playing with my friends and now your probely saying but you were not posting before the holidays as well that reasons is it had snow on the ground in till christmas morning and i was playing in the snow in my niehbor hood there are tons of trails in the woods and hills that were very slopeish and windey an we sledd down them on our bellys we call it penguin sliding and there is one hill were i almost broke my led and my freind almost got a concusion  we were sleding down it then we did not see a tree in one of the curves  and i spinned of my sled but my right leg was stiking out and it smacked the tree and a went down the hill in pain on my back my friend has no reeflexes and screems and yells before he gets hurt and thats what happend he hit the tree directly in the hea and when my two other friends came down they got help and i was alright and my friend expet he was crying a lot and the other reaseon why im not posting for a while because im trying to get 1 million coins on runescape

on the other hand here is the updates click all the words candy on the for a gingerbread house igloo


here is what the igloo looks like uytrhi0

  here is a new mission sneak peak to the new mission that comes out friday jpgvsherb1

and the treasure book sneak peak treasurebook21

also i got a new computer it is a mac and it is so fast its unbelieveble  it came with a awsome editing system that costs 100$ to buy  so i will be making more vids with mgreat quality and effects and thats about it

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