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cp wars name and new pin and catolge

the uniform is a red and orange pancho a blue sunbraro and u can were any thing ellse with it please join i need to beet the other team that were battiling aggainst

im making a cp team for snowball wars

i need some really fast snowballrers all wars will be with another team and i need as much people i ned 15 penguins

and here are the spots there will be know leader because  i dont want fighting

Snipers we need three :

 guarders they stay around the squad and take out all people who try to infeltrate are base i need 8 :

i need four rapid firerers:

comment whaat u want and your penguin name i will edit this post putting in your name in the spot

note for all RAPID FIRERS  to rapid fire just  press T and and click  your target keep doing it on your target

here were going to have some thing to deside the name vote in the pole what the name should be

here are the updates new catolge secrets and new pin

the new pin is in ski lodge attic


here are all the secret items im sorry i did not put were they r i will do this next post










5 Responses

  1. i voted cheese theifs cuz that name rules
    i will be a rapid fire

  2. Hey Diesel, I will be in your group because you commented for me to be in your group! cya there! Waddle on – Callumb 7 :mrgreen:

  3. Can I use the Sniper please Blackd

    ~Callumb 7~ 😉

  4. sure id be glad to add me to it and i was thinking wanna make our own site that we both share also?

  5. shure that will be great

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