dance paty and new pin and furnitor catolge is out

here are the dance party cheats the is a new dance game thats kind of like guitar hero and u get this boom box 123214786922634-1

here is the new pin its a taco lol  it is located at the snowforts 123214786922634

here are the secrets in the furnitior catalog click on the  sun for the super hero poster123214786922634-2

here is the second  secret item clcick on the red  movie waiting line thing for the welcome map 123214786922634-3


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  2. Hey if you dont want to listen to me then fine

  3. skamper your not the boss of me ok i can use watever edditing thing i want and u and me use to be friends now its like u dont like me you never include me in your videos i dont care i liked it when it was u me jajompa and goldey and gaararug not u jajop and no one else u were really nice to me in the summer now after u quit and came back it seems all u like is gaararug and thats fine cause i make my on vids i do my own headers and do all my own stuff

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