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new cheat by clone787

Hey everyone!!

I found a cheat today “Talk with Newspaper cheat” here is how to do it

1st go to a safe chat server.

2nd press tab until it goes onto the “Messages” box then open the newspaper.

3rd.Press tab then press the left arrow key twice.messages1

4th.press enter then press the up arrow,now you can’t see the messages so look at this image to find what you want to saycheats

Make sure you’re in a place to see yourself.yay

by Clone787


6 Responses

  1. it depends like what?

  2. idk i mean just posting about cp is fun but kinda boring u onlyu know i mean we only get to post on thurs and fri

  3. well my grandmother and my mom said she would take u guys and me and jake u to iceskate today also wich do you wanna do?

  4. or to realy talk press newspaper then click the button, we need you!! click the very bottom buton then click x then the next one above it then click x then go to the button under the top button click it then click x then click the top button then cick x then press tab and type and press enter and your talking

  5. Hey I only found this Blog Now Thanks for posting my Cheat 😀

  6. thanks its really cool

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