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rockhopper and new pin and party

hello its blackd boy47 but you probily know its me cause gaararug is very helpuful but does not post updates my brother armyboy47 does not post or my good friend skamper36 does not post any way the new pin is a puffel o berry its at the ice berg hjghjg and rockhopper has arrived and he has brought back some rare items si to some but not others i on the other hand would preffer brand new items like i dont know a wolf costume or a  jedi outfit with lightsaber i dowt it will happen anyway here is the picture of the rockhopper items hgjkjh click to enlarge

that is all see u

and party

ok my site has ow been around for a year and 7 days im having a party for it

the information is the day its is march 7 witch is next saturday

server: sleet

time 8:3o pm est

we will start at my igloo my penguins name is blackd boy47 it will be on the map


One Response

  1. iam adding u back to my blogroll in http://www.cpcnn.tk and ur added in the rank page

    blackd boy47s comment: thx alot

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