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i made a vid about saint patricks day and comtest winner

ok i really did not want to take pictures so  i called up my buddy gaararug and we made a video about it it was me and him going aroung cclubpenguin showing were free items were and at the end we just jam out


and dogy 17 is the winner of the contest tell me your email in a comment and i will email you the password to taylor rules


10 Responses

  1. I know now its a member, and i also know the pass cuz i won a contest of that penguin too! i wont ban it 😉

  2. well it came out really well lol my vid sneak peek is on my site

  3. ok good danlor ya i know thx gaararug

  4. alright i sent you it doggy

  5. hey thanks so muh for adding me too ur blogroll like i am new to this so i might have a few questions along the way.

    thx so much for commenting aswell

    (i just made this blog toady!)

  6. black are you on right now?

  7. Hey blackd boy why didnt you put my site on your blogroll? Ive put ur site on my blogroll!



  8. hey blackd boy!

    u r on cp now!
    and i sent u be my buddy card!

    so plzzzzzzzzzzz add me!

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