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new furniture catalog and penguin play awards!!!!!!

hello it is blackd boy47 i am gona get right to it today to start

you shoud go to your hose and look at what there is here is some pics there is a new igloo toocvbctif1 and here is the new igloo it pretty col not the best but cool hvvhhtif then waddle down to the paza and vote for the play here ghghtif then visit the stage and look in the catolge and get the items and here are the secret items get a play awards back round by click on the trophhe on second page hhhtif now click on the  p on penguins that time forgot to get a time travel hat cvvcctif

now waddle back stage and get a play awards trophy 84970469tif

now last after you got all the items go have fun looking for candice yes i found here sleet at 4:00 est backstage of play awards thats only where she will be so for those of you who did not find her last time heres your chance here is her picture bvvtif

you can also find aunt arctic here is my picture with her back round jjjjtif2

see you later


2 Responses

  1. Hey Black. You said you wanted to be on Cpsk8ter32’s Blogroll so, I did.

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