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PARTY Wooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo

Helllo this is our party post


When 5:3o pst april 11th

Where Sleet dock

Why for ten thousand hits

How because of all my loyal fans

see you later


15 Responses

  1. If you were planning on coming to my party, i changed the time! So make sure to check it out!

    Snowy1900 🙂

    Also 15 people is a lot 🙂

  2. ill add you guys back nut i dont like wat you are doing to my site
    so you have a part aswell to promsire to not put search me on my site or go to diesel28.wordpress.com so none of that

  3. ps
    jake g came up n e way caling for jake U

    so when we see him he gotta go down

  4. i will add you l8ter when i can talk to you becouse i will need ur email

  5. ok thanks i did not mean to do it sry also guess what harrison toled kake g he was gunna punch him when he walks his dog you know what jake g did he called my house tolled my dad that he was going on a walk and to keep harrison in so he wouldnt get hurt what a sissee huh am i right or am i right

  6. ok hey i am sorry i missed your party i had science fair and i am really soryy for not showing up really and i wont have another party till 10 000 hits

  7. Hey blackd boy! Check out my site. I finally got over 6000 hits, WOOT! Can you put my site on ur blog roll? Cause i’ve put ur site on my blog roll. Thanks Dude!



  8. lalala 🙂

  9. Hey im Kataklysm1 i have added your site to my blogroll , so can you add me to yours.

  10. any new posts?

  11. both option u r right u and me r gonna have to sneak out and get the fairy
    and i can come to the leep over w00t

  12. Nice Post!
    Comment back on my site

  13. Can you come to my party on the 11th (Saturday)? If you don’t know, its at Mukluk, Beacon at 11 AM PST. Comment on my site if you can come please! Thanks if you could!

    -wex 😉 😀

    PS: I have a rare penguin contest at my site too!

  14. Im having a coin code contest! You should check it out!

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