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littel secret and our party was a sucsess

hi everyone i want to tell you a secret i dont have any time to post so im going to add a admin on goldey7312s site

to post there is going to be a contest to be an admin to be one you have to coment 30 times the first one to do that will be an admin

o ya and if you win you can be in my next vid with blackd boy47


Hi its blackd boy47 now to tell you our party was a big sucsess it was awsome at leats 40 penguins where there here is the video


4 Responses

  1. Im having a coin code contest! You should check it out!

  2. hey can you please teach me how to put the flames andthe header there i have css so if you could help me by email graysnowcp@gmail.com

    BLACKD BOY47s comment sure. But it would be easier if you would add me as a admin then I could put on flames and you could give me the header you want and I could pit it on

  3. I need wordpress credits -_-

  4. whats your email blackd boy i figured out my header just not the flames

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