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what you can be expecting for the summer and rockhopper is coming to disney land

welll for the summer you can expect

1. coin code contest but i willl throw in a twist that willl be to start summer off

2. new page cant tell you all about it but it willl be cool i have started it now

3. rare penguin contest with a twist

4. a summer beging party

5. a summer ending party

6. 4th of july party

also i now this is late but rockhopper is coming to disney land i am asking my mom if we can go but i got school so it right now is a no mapfixjpg

welll thats alll but remeber the new stufff isnt happing till summer so dont ask why are you not realesing the stuff just wait and if i get 15,000 hits by the beging of si=ummer i will give the second place winner another coin code and the first prize winner two so  give me alot of hits


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