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mid eavil party and new play and pin

ok this is a huge party so um first if you go to the gift shop i mean marcket click the scroll and scroll through it heres a ani

Medival Party Scroll_thumb[1]

also if you go to the lighthouse i mean wizard tower you can get a wizard hat exaclty like last year booo jk its good for newer penguins 🙂

heres a ani of that animation1

also click the link to view the play haunting of the viking apra

there are two new viking helemts 🙂

also there is a members quest in mid evil party first go to the pool well now its not a poll but you catch what a me

here is the first challenge upioi.tif

all you have to do is do what i do vmnbb.tif

next challenge is this it is pretty cool target practice wooo hhooo vbnmbn.tif

and last is to go through a maze mbvnb.tif

here are the direction

1. Down
2. Left
3. Down
4. Right
5. Right
6. Up

here are all the prizes you get them every time you finnish a challenge output

and here is the new pin its at the boiler room like last years party



16 Responses

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