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why do i have american flags? and rockhopper in clubpenguin

why do i have american flags click more  to find outi have american flags because its memorial day because i had two reletivis in the war mybe more on my dads side well the both i know about r dead now one is my grand father he did not die in war its good cause then my dad would not bee born  he died from a heart attack my great great uncle was in world war two to  he was a pilate he was shot down onley one who survived was a pow (prisoner of war) in a german prison base and he survived it and was realeased talk about scary well theres a little of my familly history for you

anyway rockhopper is coming back to cp it look at how close he is 124267153888501

i think he is to close for right now i am not sure he is coming friday my be wednesday i am not sure what do you think?


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  1. Cool

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