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adventure party cheats

hy goldey7312 here sorry i havent posted for a while its just that its the end of school year and im packed with tests and finals

well here are the hidden items green safari hat at the plaza


now if your a member go to the forest and go in the tree house for a blue tropical bird there are other birds if u put your mouse on them they chirp and you can feed the plant by aiming a snowball at it but remember its for members so here it is


first for the scavenger hunt go to the pool room and wait a few seconds look out the window and click the fish


now for the second find you need to go to the cove and find a long knda curved skiny plant click on it and it looks like this


now go to the dock and in the water next to the rock should be a turtel shell click it


for the fourth one go to the snow forts and there should be a bush next to the cock tower with pointed leaves click it


for the fith go to the iceburg then next to the sinking boat you should see a water spout click on it so it should look like this


for number 6 go to the plaza and right above the pizza parlour and next to the binoculars should be kinda like a vine click it heres the pic


now for #7 go to the beach  and in the water there should be bubbels clcik them so a jelly fish comes up click it it should look like this


now for the last one go to the forrest and then in between the two water falls the should be a big plant click it this is what it looks like


now click the bunculars and then click claim prize then a sign comes up saying you have a found a adventure backround would you like to pick it up click yes this is what it should look like 07800.tif



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  1. plz go to harrrleyx.wordpress.com and say cowtail5 sent me here thx!

  2. i think ill add you

  3. dood thanks alot you wont regret it if you do

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