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new sneak peaks

ok hy guys um its blackd boy47 with sneak peaks there is going to be a boat load of partys and events here are the sneak peaks


The team’s been working hard to get a ton of stuff ready to make the next few months really special:Parties – I can’t give them all away… but did someone say “MASSIVE music festival”?Costumes & items at the Stage! (Ruby’s coming back!)New clothing, wigs, and furniture!Game upgrades – Members will see (and hear) some cool changes to DJ3K and more!New Rooms – There’s going to be some construction – renovations AND new places!Special Appearances – I can’t say too much, but some of our favorite penguins will be visiting… And there might be a chance to hang out with a wise Card-Jitsu master…

billybob said

we could meet sensi penguin band looks like the music festivals coming back the ruby play i think there is going to be  a new mission new partys and mybe new plays game updates to the dj game also there is going to be construction to old rooms renevations and new rooms!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you liked my post

blacckd boy47


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