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winners of contests

first place ichrouchi cargou sry abut name mis spellsion

sry the peng got banned but i will give you a other one and sry u cant add it to your parent cuase a friend gave it to me i will emia it to u also tell me the order for your custom banner or header at my header shop page um if you the editing system is lunapic just shearch it

tell me your email for the rest and tell me the time and where u want to meet on cp

second is poppymelt same as up top except the prizez that r onley for first

and third is superpriplup same as second except with out some of the prizez

so guys u really got to tell me your emials


10 Responses

  1. I already told you my email, it was: ichigokuro1@yahoo.com or rynellgica@rocketmail.com

  2. can you just send me the penguin?

  3. nvm about my other comment

  4. Ok what prizes do u want

  5. that depends, what were the prizes

  6. Hi my name is Jrox2900! just drpping by checking out this site! It’s AWESOME here!!! I would really appreciate it if you went to my site and commented and told others about it! so go to http://www.coolstuffrox.com/.



  7. you can meet me at my party go to http://www.poppymeltcp.wordpress.com

  8. Sorry i lost my internet for a couple of days.


    ok bi

  9. when will you email me the prizes
    and when to meet you on cp go to my site and come to one of my parties

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