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music jam 09 cheats

hy guys goldey7312 here with the penguin band

firs there is two free items

free items

1. headphone cheat

step 1. go to cove

step 2. click the headphone box124783953872041-4

#2. boom box cheat (only for members)

step 1. go to dance lounge

step 2. click this 124783953872041-2

step 3. click the tub of boom boxes 124785128094498-3

new catalogs

music intsturment cata log cheat

catalog 1

step 1. go buy a pass wich is located at snow forts in the little shop

step 2. go to dock

step 3. go back stage 124785128094498-4

step 4. click this 124785128094498-5

then you are at the instrument catalog124793150482580

Catalog 2

tee shirt catalog cheats

step 1. go to snow forts

step 2. click here 124785128094498-2

now your at the shirt store wich you can get  a back stage pass to go on top of the night club and you can go backstage


catalog 3

furniture catalog cheats

step 1. go to your igloo

click the catalog and igloo button

here is the furniture catalog 124783953872041-1

here is the new igloo 124783953872041-3

but what stinks is u cant put any furniture on the stage o well

pin cheats

step 1. go to boiler room

step 2. click the unbrella pin 124785128094498-1

last but not least if some one is putting on a really spectacluar music show on club penguin you could click this button in the bottom right corner to applause 124785128094498-6 (well all of your guys music shows are going to be awsome cant wiat to see some comment when they are i will come and see them)

by goldey7312 and blackd boy47


8 Responses

  1. Hey Awesome Site, I Love Your Cheats! Please Visit Mine Pup320.wordpress.com And Please Pass On My Site! Thank You {Pup}

  2. what layout do you have

  3. dude, just here to tell u that the penguin u gave me is banned forever

    blackd boy47 comment i am reallly sorry i have had him for a while he wasnt banned when i gave him too u

    im so srry i dont have anymore penguins cuase i have given them to my friends cuase thier penguins got band

  4. hey dude are you a fan of club zobbies cuss you made a shirt and it rocked richardbuhl showed it to me and i would like to introduce myself im the boss of club zobbies im the head owner k and your shirt could possible be in the game

    BLACKD BOY47 comment yea i am a big fan i really hope i win i spent a long time on that shirt

  5. Hey, Blackd Boy47
    Click Here to join Orange Warriors
    Please Join!


  6. awsome blog

  7. Hey black boy you got the job for the new Club penguin show im making so email me at richardbuhl@Gmail.com then we can start the first video soon.

  8. hey im having my 1,000 hits party heres the info
    server sasquatch
    time 5:00pm penguin standard time
    room mine shack [outside]comment on my site if you can come
    hope you can come

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