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Pretender-foo fighters-[cpmv] and penguins fly (the island flys) and vote for furniture item

hello guys first off here is my video the song is pretender by foo fighters  this took me exactly one month to make a couple clips got deleted but a good friend of mine helped me out so the next video in the end by linkin park will be bettera special thanks to psbs who has helped me so muchok now this is the best party ever  the festivle of lights club penguin is going to go into the clouds yep thats right penguins will flyand under water partys coming back the last one was pritty cool and tommorow the new august catalog comes out and last buyt not least the new color isaqua


4 Responses

  1. Hi! uhh how do you put a back ground to your wordpress blog do you have to buy CSS and make one?

    Blackd boy47’s comment: yep exactly

  2. Update: My Site is http://hifriendz.wrdpress.com/

    Heyy fellow penguin!!!! : ) Its Ayushbest1 and I am just coming here to see how your site has been! WOW your hits are doing amazing and also I love your changes done to the site! I am very surprised …. Your doing very well and I would like you to come to my site to see what I have been up to!


  3. go to doggy17z.wordpress.com because hes having a really cool contest were you can win a toy code! and a rare penguin! check it out!

  4. Hey dude!! Just wanna tell ya, that I am actually back and my blog is up and running. 😀 I sure lost quite an amount of fans but I hope to be able to get them back and maybe more! 😀 Hope to see ya again dude!! Cya! 😉


    P.S. I am going to have a Welcoming Back Party soon too, hope you can come!! 😀 😛

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