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clubpenguin cheats

1.getting better at cart surfer turn lime green                                                                                                     2 catching the big fish on ice fishing get the last littel fish and yous it as bait

3 robot dance put a special dance item on open player card and put new dance item on dont close player card dance

4 go to book room go to blue rockhopper book go to friendship braclet dont sy anything go down stairs you will see a huge one near the door

5 go to your house click eddit go to hq and go to someones igloo an editit it

6 say green comander of anything you want and it will flash

7 bring a red puffel to surfing and surf it will be baside you

8 flip the switch when you play pizza parlor and you do dessert pizzas

9 bring pink puffel to aqua grabber and play it it is with you

10 walk on water go to the ice burg click beside aqua grabber and you are there

11 go to puffel pen click and drag mouse to the door they should bounce with you

12 fly put propellar hat on and dance

13 lasso put lasso on and dance

14 give tour put tour guide on and wave

15 jackhammer put the workers helmet or miners helmet and dance

16 flip pizza put red apron and chefs hat and dance

17 rescue sign put rescue  outfit and helmet on and wave

18 swim put duck on and water wigs and dance

19 hoola dance put flower neckless on and grass skirt dance

20 anvil put brown apron on and dance

21 put green aprin on dance and you pore cofee

22 never fall on sled racing press down if you are first press up if you are last

23 to get a no name puffel put a space for its name and it has no name

24 to robot dance put dance item on go to player card then take of player card put it back on then put different dance item on then dance with the player card open

25. go to the stage ticket colector go in and no one can open your player card

26. press w rapidedly to fly

27.press e t and waddle to run

28. were any thing go to player card put on propeller cap with nothing on then dance but dont close your player card you are flying without propeller hat also you can do it with all other secret dance items

29. get a goal every time in hocky make shore puck is in the middle press tab and click the puck then click the net it should go in

30. put red hard hat and dance for a red drill

31. go to a tent or a ice castle click abouve the door you should be walking on walls

32. dancing ruffle if you take your puffle for a walk and dance the black turns into a tornado

33.  if you go to the forest click on the bottom of the tree closest to the stares and no one can see you

33. dnace with blue apron for ice cream cone

34. to trow water balloons you can only do this on water party trow a snowball

35. to trow paint balloon you can only do this on april fools party throw a snowball

36. to get a picture saying your bad forever but your realy not tipe in zanesteel as a user name and 78912 as a password

37. go to dojo and dance then open newspaper you are dancing with the newspaper

38. say nothing chat buble tipe a few spaces or one as many as you want and eneter

39. stand on a loud mouth and then none can see what he said

40.  stand in path way you can stand in path ways to differetn rooms

41. unlimeted buddys you can now get unlimited buddys it probely goes out around 200 buds now

42. also  there is a new glitch people have been talking a bout walking in pathways first 1. click on the path way that you want it could be anywere i like doing it in town and plaza  2. click on mail a few waddles before you get to the pathway

3. then you are walking in path ways

43. blâçkd bõy47 well i can tell you how to do that

copy these letters and put the in your name instead of blackd boy47 below r the letters

  1. î
  2. ê
  3. ş
  4. û
  5. ç
  6. â
  7. õ
  8. û
  9. ñ
then your penguins name will apear as mine
44.  Walk under Club Penguin chat bar
  1. Go to a room where you can walk beside the chat bar.
  2. Go either to the left, or the right of the chat bar.
  3. If your on the left, click on the right side of the chat bar. (Vice versa.)
  4. You will then be waking under the chat bar, with your hat popping out.
  5. Say something like, “hi” and it will be displayed above the chat bar.                                                        45. This post is by Skamper36There is a new cheat out on Club Penguin! Its fairly easy, and even easier with my guide w/ pictures on how to do it! Follow the steps carefully!How To Log onto Full Servers:1. Log onto your penguin.
    2. Find a server that is labeled “Full” and click on it.

    3. You will get a message that says, “Sorry, this serer is full. Please select another one?” Then, press enter.
    4. Then, you should get another message that says, “You must supply your Penguin Name to enter Club Penguin.”

    5. Keep pressing the “Tab” button on your keyboard. It should be above “Cap Locks”.

    6. Keep pressing it until it gets to the yellow box right above the “Okay” button. Press the space bar.

    7. Ignore the image until you load into Club Penguin. Then you can hit “Okay”. You should be in the full server!

    46. make pizza explode keep on puting hot sauce or pizza sauce and it will explode

    47.As some of you may have noticed that coin glitch has been fixed, however there is another one! Here is how to do it.

    1. Log in to Club Penguin on any sever.
    2. Go to the Coffee Shop and play Bean Counters.
    3. Get a few points (around 30 should be good).
    4. Press the tab button on your keyboard and you should see a yellow box around the close button on the game.
    5. Once you see the yellow box around the close button, hold down the enter button on your keyboard. The coins should start coming in now.

    Here is a picture of the yellow box around the close button.

    Walk Away From Any Game:
    1. play a game
    2. click penguin mail then exit
    3. click somewhere and see what happens!

    Freeze While Dancing:
    1. put on a special dance item
    2. press and hold down “D”

    Skip Levels In Astro Barrier:
    1. go to the game
    2. on the start menu, DO NOT click start, press 1,2, or 3.

    How To Walk On Pathways And Doors:
    1. click the pathway or door
    2. before you get there, press penguin mail
    3. wait about ten seconds, then exit penguin mail

    How To Change Clothes Or Colour While Reading The Newspaper:
    1. open your player card and drag it to the side so only the items show, not the penguin picture
    2. go to the side of the room to see your penguin while reading news
    3. open newspaper
    4. press tab until the yellow square is around one of the items then click enter

    5. have to be on non chat server

    How To Go To Anyones Igloo
    1. open one of your ONLINE buddy player card
    2. drag down the chat history almost all the way down (the blue thing at the top of cp screen)
    3. when someone says “my igloo” or something, wait for them to leave.
    4. click what they said in chat history and the player card will change to their player card but it will not load
    5. click the house icon and you will be in their igloo! (this will also work to find anyone too!)

    Secret Emotes:
    ET=fart noise and musical note

brought to you by diesel28


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  1. give me credit for the pathway cheat its mine

  2. no is not i found it way before u i told u about it and i figuir it out by my self

  3. nana i am not hahaaha

  4. ya i am going to do that ith it when i have time

  5. you should fix the x boxes tho

    Blackd boy47’s comment: its fine on my computer its just dumb windows windows is just so crapy old and freezez all the time


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  8. soz about wat i said. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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    Favourited! 😛

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