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music jam 09 cheats

hy guys goldey7312 here with the penguin band

firs there is two free items

free items

1. headphone cheat

step 1. go to cove

step 2. click the headphone box124783953872041-4

#2. boom box cheat (only for members)

step 1. go to dance lounge

step 2. click this 124783953872041-2

step 3. click the tub of boom boxes 124785128094498-3

new catalogs

music intsturment cata log cheat

catalog 1

step 1. go buy a pass wich is located at snow forts in the little shop

step 2. go to dock

step 3. go back stage 124785128094498-4

step 4. click this 124785128094498-5

then you are at the instrument catalog124793150482580

Catalog 2

tee shirt catalog cheats

step 1. go to snow forts

step 2. click here 124785128094498-2

now your at the shirt store wich you can get  a back stage pass to go on top of the night club and you can go backstage


catalog 3

furniture catalog cheats

step 1. go to your igloo

click the catalog and igloo button

here is the furniture catalog 124783953872041-1

here is the new igloo 124783953872041-3

but what stinks is u cant put any furniture on the stage o well

pin cheats

step 1. go to boiler room

step 2. click the unbrella pin 124785128094498-1

last but not least if some one is putting on a really spectacluar music show on club penguin you could click this button in the bottom right corner to applause 124785128094498-6 (well all of your guys music shows are going to be awsome cant wiat to see some comment when they are i will come and see them)

by goldey7312 and blackd boy47


we will be drafting still

walrus war today wAS A SUCCSESS WE QUICKLEY DEFEATED THEM i also got a post card saying you s*** head join us luckiley i deleted it and was not banned

guys this is a FBI matter and clubpenguins doing jack didiley squat

winners of contests

first place ichrouchi cargou sry abut name mis spellsion

sry the peng got banned but i will give you a other one and sry u cant add it to your parent cuase a friend gave it to me i will emia it to u also tell me the order for your custom banner or header at my header shop page um if you the editing system is lunapic just shearch it

tell me your email for the rest and tell me the time and where u want to meet on cp

second is poppymelt same as up top except the prizez that r onley for first

and third is superpriplup same as second except with out some of the prizez

so guys u really got to tell me your emials

Join special boys

hey guys to join below comment below with your emial i will send the posts password below to you

first you have too prove  your not a spy of you know who i cant say there name becuase if they know i am forming a army to attack them they will hack me

if i dont know you i will have to give you a test

Protected: new recriuts and hackers needed

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new play ruby and the ruby

new play ruby and the ruby

new secreet backround pull back how to get coins

here if u do these steps u get the ruby pin

got to stage

  • Click on the file cabinet.
  • Click on the trash can.
  • Click on the book.
  • Click on the vase.
  • Click on the picture at the stage.
  • Click on the safe
  • Click on the ruby in the safe and then click yes.
  • blow me away-cpmv

    here is my first video on final cut express i am kinda a amiture on it check out psbs24 he uses it and its video r awsome