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rockhopper on clubpenguin

first rockhopper came when i just started making my blog was when he came after his ship the migrator got hit with a ice burg and came in a little row boat and broat a back round that looks like what my penguin is whereing and a little life jacket first we had to get all the pieces with this and this is what we called the project when we fix up  the migrator it wasent so clean this is what it looked like also this is how we contackted him with fire works and this is the pole what we needed to do then when he came back the second time for my blog he was coming back in thisand also a sneak peak of his party also we got his diary here is a link http://play.clubpenguin.com/artwork/books/journal12.swf he brought a rare flower pot that look like this now but later looked like this also he brought a red and black sailor shirt and to open his secret room you had to go to the book romm then into his dairy and get the key wich was also a pin this is his notice board for his second trip http://media1.clubpenguin.com/artwork/books/journal14.swf then he made a pirate party with a sailor hat the third time he came back with these items also this is wat his ship looks like captains room sneak peak and captains room and this is third year notice baord crows nest the desiagn for the game treasure hunt in captain quarters

and if you meet him he gives you a backround like this or a eye patch if you click on him this is what he looks like

Rockhopper has also returned. Here are the items he has brought:

If you click on the Steering Wheel, you can buy the Life Ring:

The scavenger hunt for the missing pieces of the blueprint for the Ship Igloo has started. Here is where to find them:

The first piece is in the crate filled with water at the mine.

The second piece is at the bottom right of the Cove.

The third piece in the water bowl at the Coffee Shop.

The fourth piece is by the rocks at the beach.

The fifth piece will float by the windows at the Underground Pool.

The sixth piece is in the green water dish at the Pet Shop.

The seventh piece is at the dock.

The eighth piece is at the bottom right side of the Iceberg.

When you have collected all 8 pieces, you will have to put them together. Here is how the final blueprint should look:

When you put them all together, this message will appear:

Click ‘Claim Prize’ to get the Blueprint Background

rock hopper is back agian

here is what he brought back

click for full size

here is his notice board

This time when he came to clubpenguin this is what he brought uryiyurpx7

a snow pirate penguin dhgjdjhia6 and he made his shipp all christmasy

hi rockhopper has returned heres what he brought hgjkjh click to enlarge

Rock hopper goes to disney hey guys rockhopper went to disney and if you go see him he gives you a code for this backd round

rh-backround hello rockhopper returns today in may so heres what he broughpie you know how he brought plants to clubpenguin well look at his ship124310303141066-2 And he got a member badge124310303141066 He is giving away a new back round look heres what it looks like on my penguin goldey7312 124310303141066-1


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  1. Sorry have not updated yet will soon

  2. uhhhhh where is rockhoppper

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